March 19, 2018

New Parenting Classes, Co-Parenting, Anger Management in Orange County- Court & Self-Growth

Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes in Orange County, Laguna Beach
The AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been offering parenting classes in Orange County for court and probation requirements as well as for self-growth for many years.  We offer weekly parenting classes at our Laguna Beach based office every Thursday evening at 7:00pm.  All participants will receive materials for the class when they arrive.  We offer 8, 10, 12, 22 and up to 52 week parenting and co-parenting classes.  Call (949) 715-2694 to register, or simply show up on any Thursday evening at 7pm.  All classes have open enrollment!

For detailed information on Anger Management Classes, click here to learn more.

Download our Anger Management Class brochure/flyer

Weekly Parenting, Co-Parenting Class and Anger Management Schedule:

Cost:  $50 to enroll, $35 per class and $30 for the required workbook (we will provide it to you the first night of class).  Proof of Enrollment is also provided.  A Certificate of Completion is given at the end of the last class.

Register: Call our office to start (949) 715-2694

When:  Parenting and Co-Parenting classes, meet every Thursday at 7pm.  Anger classes are on Tuesday or Thurdays at 6pm. Start any week you wish!  Just show up 5 minutes before class and you can get started!

Where: AJ Novick Group, Inc., 333 Third Street, Suite 4, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Brochure: Download our parenting class flyer and print it out!

Parents can expect to learn skills in the following areas (detailed course syllabus at the bottom of the page):

  • Assertive Communication for Parents
  • Parenting Basics
  • Stress Management
  • Understanding Your Child
  • Empathy training for Parenting and Co-parents
  • Anger and Conflict resolution
  • Parenting styles and Loving Your Children
  • Boundary and limit setting
  • Co-parenting Teamwork/Challenges
  • Co-parenting plan
  • Role Modeling
  • Rewards and Discipline for children
  • Children and Divorce
  • Step-family Dynamics
  • Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting and Single Parenting
  • Avoiding Parenting Mistakes


We will provide a certificate of completion at the end of the program.  Progress report are available as well as a "proof of enrollment" form.

Those clients who live outside of Orange County may consider taking our Online Parenting Classes.  These online classes are currently unavailable to Orange County residents who have a court or probation requirement.  They are excellent for those outside of Orange County for Court requirements or ANY county for personal growth and self-improvment.

Detailed course syllabus topics:

Chapter 1

    Parenting: Who needs it?
    Introduction – Author
    Purpose and Benefit of Course
    Course Orientation
    Receiving Course Credit
    Course Evaluation Procedures

Chapter 2

    Anger, Parenting, and Feelings
    Taking Responsibility
    The Cost of Poor Parenting
    Protecting and enhance the child's emotional development
    Past History of Parenting
    Understanding the Legal process in Divorce
    Understanding the Judicial process

Chapter 3

    Dealing With Stress
    Stress and Physical Health
    Stress and Mental Health
    What IS Stress?
    External vs Internal Stress
    How Stress May Be Positive
    Stress vs. Stressed-Out
    The Stress Response
    Manage Stress: Step 1 – Stress Alert
    Manage Stress: Step 2 – Life Changes
    Manage Stress: Step 3 – Mind View
    Manage Stress: Step 4 – Stress Guard

Chapter 4

    Role Modeling For Our Children
    Emotions and Our Life
    Why Empathy Is Important
    Lack Of Empathy
    Why Social Awareness Is Important
    Increasing Your Empathy
    Empathic Listening

Chapter 5

    Boundaries and Good Parenting I
    Boundaries and Good Parenting II
    Tips for Setting Boundaries

Chapter 6

    Rewards/Consequences for Children
    Rewards/Consequences for Children II
    Rewards/Consequence Tips
    What is Child Abuse?
    Common perpetrator attitudes and conduct involving domestic violence

Chapter 7

    Communication and Parenting
    Assertive Communication for Parents
    Harmful Pattern #1 – Avoidance
    Harmful Pattern #2 – Criticism
    Harmful Pattern #3 – Passive-Aggressive
    Harmful Pattern #4 – Aggression
    Harmful Pattern #5 – Defensiveness
    Harmful Pattern #6 – Contempt
    Send Clear Messages
    Learn How To Listen
    Complain with "Magical Formula"
    Acknowledge Your Part in Conflicts
    Conflict Resolution Approaches
    Useful Things To Say
    Give and Take Praise
    Express Feelings Openly

Chapter 8

    Parenting Styles
    Parenting Styles II
    Parenting Styles III

Chapter 9

    Co-Parenting Teamwork/Planning
    Co-Parenting Teamwork/Planning I
    Co-Parenting Teamwork/Planning III
    Skills in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 10

    Step Family Problems and Concerns
    Education on Marriage / Divorce Counseling
    Children and Divorce
    Types of Blended/Step Families
    Step Family Life Cycle
    Step Family Life Cycle II

Chapter 11

    Common Parenting Mistakes
    Final Examination


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