January 16, 2018

Celebrating 13 years in business, the AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been offering high quality and effective programs in the field of stress and anger management as well as a variety of online programs. Our online classes include programs in, fan conduct for professional sports and colleges, anger management,  drug and alcohol awarenesstheft education, domestic violencesexual harassment and parenting. Our programs are designed for business professionals, court ordered clients and those seeking personal growth. We are an ideal resource for consumers as well as corporations and human resource staff needing to take an approved and accepted program. We also offer live anger management classes, parenting classes in orange countyonline anger management classes, home study courses, accelerated anger workshopsexecutive coaching for employees, on-site workplace trainings and programs, classes for disruptive physicians, as well as a wide range of certification training for facilitators in both anger management and parenting. 

About our programs:  We are the co-founders of the Century Anger Management model of intervention. This program is recognized by the NAMA. This renown and well recognized, "8 Tool Model Approach"  includes teaching skills in: assertive communication, improving judgment and impulse control, stress management, empathy and emotional awareness, expectation management, improving self-talk,  forgiveness, learning to respond instead of react, and anger control techniques. Our programs are an excellent method for team building, improving relationships, and increasing interpersonal skills.  All classes and corporate coaching include client workbooks, pre and post assessments, and a guaranteed enjoyable, didactic, and engaging experience.  Our model uses numerous evidence based, empirically validated techniques, and is the most expansive anger curriculum available.  We are a probation and court approved  provider.  Assessments are available at our office or online.  Please contact our office to sign up.

This Month's Featured Programs and News: 

ABC news 20/20 interviews Dr. Ari Novick on their investigation about why neighbors behave badly.  

USA Today features Dr. Novick's Fan Conduct programs for the National Football League (NFL).  Dr. Novick, in collaboration with the NFL has developed a cutting edge way of addressing fan safety through online education at Fan Conduct Class.

Anger Management Classes (Weekly or Weekends available):
Our courses are an ideal way to learn skills to improve relationships in a variety of contexts.  Group classes are often taken to increase empathy, decrease stress, and improve communication and listening skills.  Our programs are frequently sought out by corporate executives, individuals and families as well as those requested by the court or as part of a probation requirement.  Our courses are skill building, educational and use validated, evidence based techniques.  Participating in classes can be a cost savings as well as help improve relationships.  Start today!  Our programs are court accepted and approved.  Certificate of completion awarded.

Programs for Physicians and Executives:
We offer a wide range of face to face programs to meet the needs of busy physicans and executives. Our programs are designed for physicians being referred for "disruptive behavior" and/or executives who need help improving interpersonal skills.  We provide full day intensive one/one coaching that can be provided at your location or at our office in southern California with follow up sessions tailored to the specific needs of the client.  Dr. Ari Novick will provide all the coaching. Please contact us for a proposal and click here to get more information.  References are available upon request. 

Online Classes: Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find a class near one's location. If you have prior approval from the court, or you have been given permission to take a class online for a court or probation requirement an online class is the perfect alternative.  Our online anger classes are an ideal way to learn effective skills in controling anger. We teach the same set of skills in our online programs as we do in person.   Learn More.

We have helped corporations and governmental agencies, such as Chevron-Phillips, Raytheon, National Football League (NFL), Mission Hospital, Southern California Edison, Toshiba, United States Airforce, Toyota Motor Corporation, Verizon Communication, and many others.  Click here for a partial client list.

Our curriculum has been approved for use by Probation Departments, Courts, major corporations,  hospitals, law offices and many governmental agencies.  It has also been used by the California State Board of Corrections for the training of correctional staff, and we offer continuing educaiton for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Texas Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists, CAADAC, CAADE, NAADAC, for continuing education requirements.  Our model uses numerous evidence based, empirically validated techniques.  We are a NAMASS approved program.

Benefits of Anger Management classes or Corporate Coaching Sessions include:

  • Learn to recognize anger and change behavior before it damages or impacts relationships with others
  • Learn how to improve judgment and impulse control as well as manage stress and anger more effectively
  • Experience less conflict with teachers, parents, family members, co-workers and corporate management
  • Learn skills to increase your optimism, positive self-talk, and attitude
  • Improve communications skills in such a way that others appropriately understand your feelings and needs
  • Gain skills in stress management to better cope with life's challenges and the impact of others.
  • Learn to take control of your own behavior rather than blaming others for "making" you do things
  • Improve skills in empathy and social awareness to decrease anger and improve relationships
  • Improve workplace communication, reduce instances of aggression, gain skills in teamwork and leadership
  • Gain skills in forgiveness as well as how to more accurately manage expectations
  • Accepted by Businesses, Schools, Court, Juvenile and Adult Probation, Youth Diversion, Corrections, and volunteer clients
  • Our model uses numerous evidence based, empirically validated techniques, and is the most expansive curriculum available.

Anger Management Class Schedule

Laguna Beach - January 1st, 2018 -- December 31st, 2018 New Dates and Days!
We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions for voluntary, HR, couples, and business referrals.  We offer 10, 12, 22, 26 and 52 week classes in anger management and parenting for court or probation ordered or mandated clients AND self-referrals. All participants will receive unlimited progress reports and a "Certificate of Completion".  All classes are open ended and participants can begin at any time! 
Classes are held at 333 3rd Street, Suite 4, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.  Phone us at (949) 715-2694. 211.org referrals may be eligible for low cost or free services.  Please contact us for more information. 

Classes meet every Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm.  Start anytime!   Download our brochure.

Anger Management Group
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Accelerated Adult Anger Management Workshop
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Saturday, March 17, 2018
(Includes Materials)
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Executive Coaching
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Home Study Program
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Online Anger Class
Visit Anger Class Online for details. New Online Anger Class

To register please call (949) 715-2694.

Recent Updates:

NFL Selects Dr. Novick to Speak at 2017 Annual National Security Conference
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University of Mississippi to Utilize the AJ Novick Group's Fan Conduct Class
Ole Miss has adopted the Fan Conduct Class and was recently featured in Hotty Toddy

Listen to Dr. Ari on the Bonnie and Katrina Radio Show

Better Business Bureau Features Anger Expert, Dr. Novick
The simple truth about anger management

Learn to teach your own Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes
Become a Certified Parent Instructor through ParentInstructor.com

Ari Novick, Ph.D. is guest presenter at the Winter Baseball Meetings in San Diego, learn more

20/20 Interview with Ari Novick on why neighbors behave badly.

City of Orange County, Network of Care lists AJ Novick Group
Find us on the Mental/Behavioral Health website here

AJ Novick Group, Inc. Works with the NFL and MLS helping improve the game day experience and improve fan saftey through their Fan Conduct Class for professional sports

Men's Fitness Interviews Dr. Ari Novick in the Leisure Section on Stress Management

The story focuses on 15 core tips for better managing stress.  Read more here

New Phone and Skype DUI, Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
We are pleased to annouce that you can complete your DUI, Drug or Alcohol Assessment anytime from any location in the U.S.

MSMBC Show "Caught on Camera" Interviews Dr. Novick for their 100th Episode
The show featured Dr. Novick giving expert advice about a variety of amazing angry episodes caught on camera.  Learn more here

San Jose Mercury News Talks to Ari Novick About the 49ers
Expert, Dr. Ari Novick was interviewed about his personal experiences attending 49er games in the 80's as well as his work with the NFL to improve the game day experience.  Click here for the full story.

Refinery29 Interviews Dr. Novick on Holiday Stress Manaagement
Dr. Novick talks about stress management and holidays.  Read more.

Men's Fitness Magazine Interviews Dr. Novick -October 2012 Issue on News Stands

The article is on page 36, titled "Fists of Fury".   Dr. Novick dispells some of the myths about common stress management practices.

Chill Magazine Online Interviews Dr. Novick on Performance Stress for Olympic Athletes
Managing stress is never easy, and for Olympic athletes, gaining skills in stress management is even more important, Read More.

ESPN Interviews Dr. Ari Novick
, "The NFL is Getting Serious About Fan Conduct"
Dr. Novick is interviewed regarding his relationship with the NFL and how his companies "Fan Conduct Class" will be helping unruly football fans curb behavior.  Read more

BeautyLish.com Interviews Dr. Ari Novick
The feature entitled, "Is Stress Ruining Your Beauty Routine?" features Dr. Novick as their stress management expert.  Read more

Fox Sports News Interviews Dr. Ari Novick

Dr. Ari Novick was interviewed on Fox Sports news regarding his relationship with the NFL and ways to manage stress during the Olymipics.  See the full story online here

USA Today Writes Story on Dr. Ari Novick's Fan Conduct Classes

Dr. Ari Novick was recently interviewed by USA Today regarding his collaboration with the National Football League (NFL) in addressing fan safety issues.

AJ Novick Group, Inc. and Century Anger Management are Contracted by the U.S. Marine Corps.
The United States Marine Corps Family Advocacy Program has selected the AJ Novick Group, Inc. and Century Anger Management to provide anger certification training and materials through all military installations throughout the U.S.  This new program will be rolling out in the coming months.

CBS News Interviews Anger Expert, Dr. Ari Novick on Workplace Anger

Dr. Ari Novick was interviewed recently by CBS coorespondant Michele Tafoya on the radio for his expertise in workplace anger. To listen to the broadcast, click here

CNN News Features guru and expert, Dr. Ari Novick
Dr. Ari Novick was featured on CNN’s network show Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell as their panel expert covering the recent Jet Blue incident involving the airline flight attendant who lost his cool. 

Google Selects AJ Novick Group, Inc. / Anger Class Online as Favorite
The AJ Novick Group, Inc / Anger Class Online is selected by Google as a user "Favorite Place" due to the popularity of our website, products and services.  We are one of less than 250k business nationwide to receive this recognition, which is less than 1% of all U.S. businesses.  We received a special decal that only Google selected businesses receive that will be placed on our office door.  This decal has a bar code which clients can scan to see reviews and get more information on our programs.

Dr. Novick Selected to Provide Disruptive Physician Coaching for Local Hospital

Dr. Novick was recently contracted by a local hospital well being committee to provide coaching for a "disruptive physician".  After a careful review of our credentials and curriculum, Dr. Novick was selected to provide a pre/post assessment,  12 individual coaching sessions off site, as well as 3, 6, 9, and 12 month follow up meetings to monitor the progress of the doctor.  For more information about ourDisruptive Physician Programs contact our office at 949 715-2694

Dr. Novick Featured on Blog Talk Radio New York
Dr. Novick was a guest speaker on Blog Talk Radio: Youth Empowered on January 25th.  To listen to the broadcast click here.  The segment featured Dr. Novicks views on how anger affects teens and their families and what they can do about it and how group classes or one/one coaching can help.

Anger Evaluation and Assessment now Available!
The AJ Novick Group is now providing their in person anger assessment and evaluations online!  Assessments are often helpful in determining if a class should be taken as well as which areas a person needs to focus their efforts on to improve.  Our Assessment is an educationally based questionnaire which can be taken from any location in the U.S. and is then evaluated and scored by Dr. Novick.  Dr. Novick will then provide a write up explaining the results and make recommendations on whether or not a class would be appropriate.

Dr. Novick Selected as Expert Presenter at Correctional Education Conference

Dr. Novick was selected to speak at the Annual conference for the Correctional Education Association .  He was selected due to his expertise as well as co-developing one of the leading models of anger control intervention and certification.  Dr. Novick will be presenting on the fundamentals of anger control and how to manage it.  This 1 1/2 hour presentation will focus on key intervention strategies as well as the format and structure of creating a quality program. 

About our Anger Management Classes

What happens in our Classes?
We offer two evening classes for anger and two for parenting and co-parenting during the work week for adults.  There is a class on Tuesday and another class on Thursday.  

It is recommended that you attend weekly, and one can participate in either class, but not both classes the same week.  Our anger classes usually have about six to ten participants and it is a mixed gender class.  Our anger management classes are also open ended.  This means we have clients begin and end their program at different times.  The advantage to an open ended class is that one does not have to wait for a new program to begin, rather, one can start any time.  Each week we cover a different skill from our client workbook, "Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century" covering the 8 tools of anger control.  Our participants find our classes to be a great learning experience, and also  much more fun and interesting than they ever imagined!  If you or a loved one is struggling with anger, or you need to take a class for as a requirement of the court or employer, we urge you to try out one of our programs.  We are confident you will be pleased with the results.  We also offer a variety of weekend workshops that are four hours in length.  For details on these classes, click here.

Why are Classes so important?
Our anger and parenting classes are based on an educational model for teaching people how to change their thinking and behavior.  Courses are meant to be a skill building, educational, instructional, and tangible way of learning concrete skills. Our expectation is that after every class participants will leave feeling like they've learned a new skill to better improve their relationships with family members, co-workers, friends, significant others', and those they care about. 

These group format programs are not group psychotherapy or "anger  therapy".  While we believe their can be tremendous value in group psychotherapy, our classes are designed and structured completely differently and therefore are not considered psychotherapy.  All participants are required to use and bring with them to class our highly acclaimed client workbook, "Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century".  The use of a client workbook for our program makes us unique because so few programs actually use a structured approach to teaching fundamental skills.  Second, we offer pre and post assessments for our participants.  This will help to better understand your personal strengths and weaknesses, so that the focus of work in anger management is clear and predictable. Classes improve important life skills which can help further achieve business and personal goals.  We are so confident in the quality of our programs that we invite any potential participant to "sit in" free of charge for their first session.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started on improving yourself and your relationships before it's too late!

We also offer court approved classes for those that have a court or probation requirement.  Class duration will depend on the length requested by the judge or probation, but typical requirements tend to be for either 10, 12, 16, 26 or 52 classes.

What if I don't want to participate in a group, can I come individually instead?
The answer to this question is yes.  Some people prefer a more one/one experience, which is often called coaching or executive coaching for anger management.  For more information either click on the highlighted link or call our office, 949 715-2694.

Our programs are ideal for couples, individuals, business professionals, court referrals, and those seeking to improve skills.  Most of us know that anger can ruin relationships.  Why wait until your anger has destroyed a meaningful relationship?  Get the help you need today. 


Ari Novick, Ph.D. is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified anger management professional for both adults and adolescents. The AJ Novick Group is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences as a continuing education provider in the state of California (BBS PCE #3128).  The AJ Novick Group commonly provides anger management and parenting classes for probation, court and self-referrals in Orange County.  Dr. Novick is past adjunct professor of psychology at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology.  The AJ Novick Group is an approved and verified member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

About the AJ Novick Group

The AJ Novick Group is a leading provider of Stress and Anger Management. The AJ Novick Group offers anger management classes in our southern California office for both adults and adolescents. We also offer a variety of corporate trainings to teach your management staff and employees skills in effective communication, problem solving, negotiating, conflict resolution, forgiveness, stress management, empathy, and how to have better judgment and impulse control. The AJ Novick Group is proud to offer a variety of home study classes for both adolescents and adults to accommodate busy schedules. We also offer accelerated classes on the weekends for both adults and adolescents. The AJ Novick Group can accommodate court ordered (mandated or probation) clients as well as voluntary individuals, business professionals, couples, families and adolescents.

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