March 19, 2018

16 Hour Alcohol Class, Minor in Possession and Drug Awareness Classes

The AJ Novick Group, Inc. in association with Alcohol Drug presents:


16 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class Online

Drugs and alcohol can take a toll on our lives.  Both casual and excessive alcohol use can often become problematic.  This 16 hour (level 2) class is most commonly taken for those that have been required by the court, or other legal entity to take this length class.  This program is often called an alcohol education class and can be taken completely online. It's scary to think that almost 75% of convicted drunk drivers still drive despite having a suspended license.  This alcohol awarness class which teach skills to better understand how to improve one's understanding of the nations most prolific drug, alcohol.  Learn More...

16 Hour Minor in Possession Class (MIP Classes) Online

If you are under 21 and got cited for a violation related to drugs or alcohol you may have been required to take a sixteen hour or week MIP class.  This class is completely online and should be taken by those who need to fulfill a requirement by their state court, probation, school or other legal entity.  Drug and alcohol use starts early.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 8th graders drink alcohol and by 10th grade, 1 in 5 drink regularly.  This 16 hour class will teach minors and those under the legal drinking age about the short, medium and long term risks associated with drug and alcohol use.  Learn More...

16 Hour Drug Class (Level2)

Our sixteen hour/session Drug Education classes (or they are sometimes referred to as "drug awareness programs") are commonly taken for persons who the court, DMV, probation or other legal agency has made this class a requirement to complete.  Drug citations are typically issued for possession of drugs or paraphernalia, driving while under the influence, or other related offenses. In 2009 there were close to 40,000 drug related deaths, making drug use among one of the top killers of Americans each year.  This 16 hour class is aimed at educating participants in a non judgmental, high quality learning environment.  The course can be taken 100% online.  Learn More...

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