March 19, 2018

24 Hour Alcohol Awareness, Drug Education and MIP Classes

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24 Hour Online Alcohol Awareness Class (Level 3)

It's no surprise that alcohol abuse plays a pivotal role in our society.  Most of our clients take this class because they are required to do so by some legal agency such as the court, probation, ones attorney, work, DMV* or school.  This alcohol awareness class is often referred to as a "level 3" class or simply a drug/alcohol education class with a 24 hour duration.  This program might also substitute a 6 month class requirement.  Additional hours can be added upon request.  Since alcohol related injuries occur every single minute, its no wonder educational requirements such as this course have become so common place.  All programs are developed by trained staff with the most up to date data and research.  Classes are 100% completely online, anytime. 
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24 Hour Drug Class, Level 3

Drug educadtion classes are commonly taken when one is cited or arrested for a drug related offense.  This twenty-four hour class is often taken for second time offenses or for first time offenders who were specifically required to take a class of this length.  Drug abuse is one the rise.  "Drug Driving" which was coined by MADD, is similar to drunk driving except the driver is impaired by drugs.  Drug related accidents and deaths are among the top ways both youths and adults are injured or killed each year.  This class is frequently taken by those required by the court or other legal entity to complete such program.  Drug offenses may be related to possession of a substance or paraphernalia.  Don't let your requirement get you in more trouble.  Our online classes are a great learning experience and come with an original signed and embossed certificate of completion.  Find out more...



24 Hour MIP Class (Minor in Possession Class)

So you were cited for a MIP charge and are now required to take a class.  While twenty-four hours might seem like a long time to have to complete a program, we believe you will find the time well spend.  This Level 3 class is taken by those either under 18 or 21 depending on the charge.  It is estimated that there are close to 11 million underage drinkers in the United States and 70% of those under 19 claim they have drank heavily by the time they were 19.  Alcohol is a drug just like any other drug and fooling yourself into thinking you can't become addicted or run into serious legal problems by using or abusing alcohol is a mistake.  This course also covers issues related to drug use and drug possession with minors.  Get more information here...



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