March 19, 2018

Online Classes from AJ Novick Group, Inc.

Online Anger Management Classes

The AJ Novick Group is a leader and poineer in the field of anger and stress management.  While many of our clients pic_Affiliate.jpgtake our popular live anger mangement classes; others are not able to due to busy work or life committments.  We developed our Online Anger Management Class to mimick the learning experience of our live classes.  It is an ideal way to learn skills in anger and stress management without having to lose valuable time away from your work, family or other life events.  Our online anger management classes are ideal for court, business, or personal growth.  Find out what our previous clients have said about our classes by reading our testimonials.

Our online anger classes are available to anyone who has internet access and can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your personal or work computer.  All classes are self-paced and you can stop and start at any time.

Why wait to complete your requirement or to gain valuable skills to better handle anger and stress. 

Vist our Online Anger Class to register at

Online Anger Management Just for Teenagers

Our online anger management classes are now available just for adolescents and teenagers who need or want to learn skills in anger management. Do you have an angry child? Does your teen need to improve communication or behavioral skills? These courses are an ideal recourse.

Visit our website for our online anger management classes for teens.

Online Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes

Kid-At-Work2.jpg Our long awaited parenting and co-parenting class is now available.  This is one of the most exciting and well structured parenting programs available online.  These online parenting classes are ideal for a court order, child custody requirement, or simply to become a better parent.  Our Online Parent Class was designed for the busy parent who simply can not take time away from work, family and other obligations to sit through a live class, not knowing where the quality of the instruction is adequate or not.  Our online parenting and co-parenting classes are a highly structured and interactive format to learn skills in parenting or co-parenting.

To register or to learn more, vist our online parenting class at

Online Alcohol and Drug Awareness / Education Classes

Alcohol and Drug Awarness and Education Classes as well as Minor in Possession (MIP) classes online.  These are educational classes designed to meet the needs of individuals who need to take a course for either personal growth or as part of a legal requirement.  For more information visit  We alcohol offer DUI Classes Online

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment cases cost corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees and lost revenue every year. Providing a comprehensive online Sexual Harassment training to your employees will increase appropriate workplace conduct as well as reduce your company's liability.

The AJ Novick Group offers this highly comprehensive sexual harassment class as an online solution to discriminatory harassment in the workplace. It will also bring your organization into compliance with state laws, such as California's sexual harassment training requirement, AB 1825.

Visit for more information.

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