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Disruptive Physician Program offered by AJ Novick Group, Inc.

Since 2003, the AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been a leading provider of Imagecutting edge and quality anger management programs. In association with Century Anger Management, we now offer anger management classes and coaching specifically designed for "disruptive behavior" for physicians consistent with the "New Joint Commission Disruptive Behavior Standard" that went into effect on January 1, 2009. Our programs are also consisent with the Joint Commission standard LD.03.01.01 as well as Sentinal Alert number 40, which specifies the specific issues related to disruptive physician behavior.

Our programs are an ideal resource for physician well being committees, hospital management and human resources. Please also see our website

Disruptive Physician Program Description:

(These programs may only be taken in person. No online programs allowed for disruptive physician coaching):

Physicians being referred to our programs have four options.

Option 1) Participate in one/one coaching for approximately 8 to 12, 50 minute sessions. Can be done in person, or by Phone/Skype

Cost: $375.00 per session

Option 2) Participate in an 8 hour all day (on-site) intensive one/one coaching session (at our office in Laguna Beach, CA). 3 Free 50 minute "follow up" sessions included at quarterly intervals, these are not required but recommended.


Option 3) We come off-site and provide one/one coaching at physicians location anywhere in the U.S.

Cost: Please contact our office at 949-715-2694

Payment Options

  1. Pay using this link:

  2. Pay online here:

  3. Call our office for billing or to pay by phone.

Disruptive Behavior for Physicians Program includes:

  1. Assessment: Skill based anger management assessment prior to the beginning of the program. This will help determine areas of focus while in the program. This is a non psychiatric assessment aimed at identifying the physicians strengths and weaknesses in several areas covered in the training. Assessment looks for skills in:

    • Overall Communication skills, the ability to communicate assertively
    • Empathy and emotional intelligence
    • Managing stress and behaving appropriately under pressure
    • Maintaining good judgment and impulse control vs. behaving hostile
    • Deference and boundary setting
    • Motivation to change
  2. Structured Curriculum presented in an educational didactic setting. Our programs are designed to educate doctors. We are not providing psychological evaluations or psychotherapy, but rather improving the physicians coping skills in a variety of areas. Doctors can expect to learn skills in:

    • Stress Management
    • Assertive Communication
    • Expectation Management
    • Empathy and Social Appropriateness
    • Forgiveness
    • Improving Judgment and Impulse Control
    • Skills in Optimism
    • Taking Time-Outs and learning to cool down under pressure
  3. Progress reports are provided upon request by the physician.

  4. DVD Power Point presentation provided on each topic as a reinforcement of the material

  5. Pre and Post Tests to determine a benchmark to show improvement from beginning to end in the program.

  6. Services offered by Ph.D. level professionals who are licensed and trained to understand issues related to confidentiality and identity security. Our staff will provide a non-threatening, friendly, educational experience.

  7. 3,6 and 12 Month Follow Up "check in" sessions provided to the physician to address any new issues, review learned materials, and to reschedule any necessary follow up sessions. These 3 50 minute sessions are included in the cost of the training and are not required, but recommended.

  8. A professional experience using proven interventions aimed at reducing disruptive physician behavior in the workplace.

Why Should a Doctor Identified with "Disruptive Behavior" take our program?

According to the TJC Sentinel Event Alert, poor behavior on the part of the physician causes severe problems. By properly training physicians on improving their "disruptive behavior" hospitals and well being committees can expect changes that may result in:

  • Decrease staff turnover and medical errors
  • A safer work environment
  • Reduction in litigation and lawsuits
  • Increase in staff morale
  • Improved communication and teamwork

What are some of the signs that your staff has a behaviorally disruptive physician?

  • Publicly shows temper and anger
  • Uses intimidation, shaming or humiliates others when undesirable outcomes occur
  • Makes disparaging comments
  • Makes unrealistic and inappropriate demands on co-workers
  • Often is passive aggressive (doesn't return phone calls, pages, etc.)
  • Can not tolerate or listen to constructive feedback
  • Fails to comply with administration requests or instructions

What is our Disruptive Physician Program About?

This program aims to identify and address disruptive behavior that can impact patient care, staff morale, and the overall functioning of the healthcare organization.

Disruptive behavior can manifest in various ways, such as verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment, and physical aggression. It can also include behavior that undermines teamwork, such as refusing to follow protocols, disregarding feedback, and failing to communicate effectively.

Our program typically involves an assessment of the physician's behavior and an intervention plan that may include counseling, coaching, and training. The goal is to help the physician understand the impact of their behavior and develop strategies to improve their interactions with patients, colleagues, and staff.

In some cases, if the physician refuses to cooperate or if the behavior continues, disciplinary action may be taken, including suspension or termination of employment. Our program is designed to ensure that patient care and safety are not compromised by disruptive behavior, while also supporting physicians in developing their communication and interpersonal skills.

For more information, please contact Ari Novick, Ph.D. our office at (949) 715-2694 or fill out our Contact Form. Our program is also currently listed in the Federation of State Medical Boards website.