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Our Online courses are an excellent way to take an anger class without having to miss time away from work or other committments. The 12 and 16 hour anger management classes are two of our most thorough programs. Participants have the opportunity to complete the same quality content covered in our live in person programs but in an online format. While many students take these classes for a court order or other legal need you don't have to. These classes are also exceptional for those that simply want to learn more about how to improve their behavior.

Anger can turn a great relationship into a terrible one in no time. Anger often affects us the same way alcohol does. When we get really angry we tend to say and do things we regret. Our abiltiy for good judgment and impulse control goes out the window. The problem is that we can't take back or undo past behavior. Over time, letting our anger control our actions leads to a life filled with isoation and heart ache. Both of our 12 and 16 hour anger classes are excellent and will teach one ways to better control the way one things, feels and behaves. A certificate of completion is downloadable and mailed. Learn more about the 12 hour class or 16 hour program here...

Anger Management Classes Price
8 Hour Anger Class $195.00 Register
10 Hour Anger Class $225.00 Register
12 Hour Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour Anger Class $295.00 Register
26 Hour Anger Class $495.00 Register