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Have you been asked to to complete a Drug Education class? These classes are commonly taken for a variety of reasons, both legal and personal. Regardless of the reason you need to complete a drug awareness program, the AJ Novick Group, Inc. offers a wide range of classes to meet your needs and they can all be completed completely online. We have a no fail format and all classes are self-paced and available twenty-four hours a day from any internet equipped device.

8, 12, 15, 16, 20, 24, 32, and PC1000 Drug Education classes all online

We designed these classes to be convenient, easily accessible and affordable. They are most commonly taken for court, probation, school or other legal needs but can also be taken simply for personal growth. We cover all topics related to drug categories, substance abuse, use, tolerance, addition, and treatment. We also cover the physical, mental, legal, and economics costs of drugs. Every course comes with a Certificate of Completion which can be downloaded instantly. We also offer impeccable customer service. We are A+ verified company with the BBB.

Program Price
8 Hour Drug Class $175.00 Register
12 Hour Drug Class $195.00 Register
15 Hour Drug Class $255.00 Register
16 Hour Drug Class $275.00 Register
20 Hour Drug Class $295.00 Register
24 Hour Drug Class $325.00 Register
PC1000 / DEJ Class $395.00 Register

How Does it Work?

After you register for the class length you wish to take, you will have instant access from our "members area". You can log out and back in as many times as you wish until the class is completed. You can take the class on multiple devices and from any location you wish. You can also finish the class at your own pace. Some people can complete classes in a single day, while others stretch out the duration for weeks or months. Our programs are mobile friendly and technical support is available by phone or email.

What is a Online Drug Education class?

Online drug education classes are a form of distance education that aims to educate people about the dangers of drug use, as well as ways to prevent drug abuse and addiction. These classes can be accessed through various online platforms and are usually designed for individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences.

The benefits of online drug education classes include convenience, accessibility, and the ability to learn at your own pace. They can also be helpful for people who prefer to learn in a self-directed environment, or for those who are unable to attend in-person classes due to distance or scheduling conflicts.

When looking for online drug education classes, it's important to choose a reputable provider that offers evidence-based information and resources. Some organizations that offer online drug education classes include government agencies, non-profit organizations, and addiction treatment centers. You may also want to consider seeking out classes that are led by licensed professionals, such as substance abuse counselors or licensed psychotherapists.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

We want to make sure that when you take an online class from our company, you get a quality product and one that is accepted. Not all state courts will accept an online class. We recommend that you get prior approval to take your class online before enrolling to ensure it will meet your specific requirements.

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and acceptance of our programs for a court or legal requirement, we will refund your money in full with written proof of decline. Refund request must be received within 60 days of purchase. You must either mail, fax or email this documentation to our office. Our classes meet requirements in many states for persons required to complete an Alcohol or Drug Awareness class due to a citation for minor in possession of alcohol, minor consumption of alcohol, possession of drugs or paraphernalia. It is your responsibility to confirm with the judge, DMV, probation, or your attorney as to whether our distance-learning Alcohol and Drug Awareness program will meet your requirements.