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We are the co-founders of the Century Anger Management model of intervention. This renown and well recognized, "8 Tool Model Approach" includes teaching skills in: assertive communication, improving judgment and impulse control, stress management, empathy and emotional awareness, expectation management, improving self-talk, forgiveness, learning to respond instead of react, and anger control techniques. Our programs are an excellent method for team building, improving relationships, and increasing interpersonal skills. All anger management classes and corporate coaching include client workbooks, pre and post assessments, and a guaranteed enjoyable, didactic, and engaging experience. Our model uses numerous evidence based, empirically validated techniques, and is the most expansive anger management curriculum available. We are a probation and court approved anger management class provider. Assessments are available at our office or online. Please contact our office to sign up.

Interested in becoming a Certified Parent Instructor? Check out our new training.

Certification benefits include:

  • Approved for CEUs by CCAPP, California certification number: 1N-06-745-1121
  • Approved for CEU's by CCADE: CP20 985 H 0522

  • Listed on Century Anger Management's national certified provider list

  • High quality marketing support and marketing membership
  • Complimentary client workbook, "Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century" as well our "Companion Guide" for Anger Management Professionals
  • Recieve additional learing materials as well as forms and sample marketing materials
  • Anger Management is used and accepted for court, business, and personal referrals

40 Hour Training Requirement for Century Anger Management Professional Certification

Certification training through Century Anger Management can be accomplished with TWO options:

OPTION #1 Live Content Certification Training

  • 8-hour Live Adult Certification Content Training (Day 1) $225.00
  • 8-hour Live Adolescent/Experiential Training (Day 2) $225.00
  • 24-hour Online Training of Adult and Adolescent Review, Executive Coaching, Assessment Review, Marketing and Business Practices, and Ethics $145.00

Both Dr. Novick and Dr. Fiore are AUTHORIZED NATIONAL ANGER MANAGEMENT SUPERVISORS. Click here for verification Seminar Schedule:

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Space is LIMITED!

Register for Live Content Training Total Training Cost $695.00

All sections can be taken and paid for separately

OPTION #2 Home Study Certification Training

*8-Hour DVD Content Certification $195.00

*32-hour Online Training of Adult and Adolescent Review, Executive Coaching, Special Applications, Assessment Review, Marketing and Outreach, Business Practices, and Ethics $300.00

Register for Home Study Training Total Cost: $595.00

All sections can be taken and paid for separately

Century Anger Management is based on the 8 Tools of Anger Control featured in both our Adult and Adolescent client workbooks, "Anger managment for the Twenty-first Century" and "Anger management for the Twenty-first Century for Adolescents".

The eight tools of anger management include:

  • Review of Tool 1 — Dealing with Stress.How stress underlies anger. Physical, medical, mental and behavioral effects of stress. Four Step model to deal with stress. Exercises. Resources.
  • Review of Tool 2 — Developing Empathy. Definition and examples of empathy. Why empathy and "emotional intelligence" are important in anger management. How to teach participants ways to increase or improve empathic responses to others.
  • Review of Tool 3 — Respond instead of React. How to present concept of difference between "reacting" and "responding" to anger/stress triggers. Concept that anger expression is a decision. Concept of finding other behaviors/ways to communicate needs, feelings or requests that are more effective than anger.
  • Review of Tool 4 — Change Self-Talk. Concept of how self-talk (cognitions) influence emotions. A-B-C-D-E model of anger control. Examples of new cognitions to teach participants. How to think like an optimist.
  • Review of Tool 5 — Assertive Communication - Harmful communication styles. How to be an assertive communicator. Strategies to handle and resolve interpersonal conflict.
  • Review of Tool 6 — Adjust Those Expectations. Expectations and anger Five steps to adjust expectations in relationships and in the workplace. Philosophy of finding alternative ways for need satisfaction. Strategies to teach this concept.
  • Review of Tool 7 — Forgive, but don't forget. 3 steps in forming a grievance. Issue of "should you forgive?" Why forgiving is good for your health and peace of mind. Seven steps to forgiveness.
  • Review of Tool 8 — Retreat and Think Things Over. Learning to "stay in the box." (of anger control). Warning signs to heed. Rules to make this tool effective. The freeze-frame technique for self-soothing. Changing self-talk during the "retreat" period.