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Court ordered anger management classes – Information and Resources

What is a Court ordered anger management class?

Anger management classes are taken for a variety of reasons. Sometimes these classes are taken for personal growth or at the request of a loved one or employer. Anger management classes may also be requested by the court or probation department as part of a plea bargain or minor violation of the law. If the court has ordered you to take an anger management class, then you are legally obligated to fulfill this requirement. Depending on where you live, your state or county may have certain requirements for the attendance or participation in a court ordered anger management class. In some areas/counties you may need to attend a live anger management program or you may also have the option to take an online anger management class. The number of sessions or hours is usually determined by the judge or by probation. If the number of classes is not specificed, then a typical anger management class program is about 8-12 sessions.

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