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8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class Online

Our eight hour alcohol awareness class is often referred to as a level 1 class and is frequently taken for first time offenses. While many people take this particular class for a court or legal requirement, it is also taken as a good basic class to understand the risks and consequences associated with alcohol consumption. Alcohol education saves lives and reduces the risk of injuries. This class is ideally suited for adults over the age of 21. If you are under 21 or need a class for minors, please see our MIP class programs below. Learn more…

8 Hour Drug Education Class Online

Our eight hour drug education class is ideally suited for those that need to complete a drug class as required by the court or other legal entity. These classes are sometimes called drug education or DADAP classes. The primary focus of this course is on drug awareness. The class will teach students about the harmfull effects drug have on our lives and the lives of those around us. The class will also teach students about the risks of using. According to MADD, "Drug Driving" is just as dangerous as "Drunk Driving". All students receive a certificate of completion. Learn More…

8 Hour Minor in Possession Class (MIP, MIC Class)

This particular program is specifically developed for minors who were cited for underage drinking or minors that were arrested for possession of drug or alcohol, paraphernalia or other related charges while under 21 or 18. Unlike the adult version classes, this program addresses issues that are specific to underage consumption and meets most state requirements for those that need to complete a MIP Class. Learn more…

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