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What is the difference between anger management acceptance and approval?

Choosing an anger management class can often be difficult. There are many choices and many programs. In light of the fact that there are no federal regulations on anger management, the consumer may not know the difference between an anger management program that is court approved vs. one that is court accepted. Approval and acceptance are two distinct and different issues. This is our interpretation of what these terms mean:

An approval is a formal permission given to an agency, program, or independent practitioner to provide an anger management class. The approval usually comes in the form of a formal letter or certificate stating what the approval designates. There is no such thing as a national approval in anger management from a governmental agency at this time. Programs are typically approved at a local level, such as through ones local court or probation department

An acceptance means that a program has been received by a organization, entity, court, business or other legal body. Acceptance means that a particular program has been offered in a specific area. For example, if an anger management program has been accepted in XY county, then the provider might state "our program has been accepted and used in XY county". While programs may be accepted, they might not have a formal approval.

In our case, Anger Class Online has been the most widely accepted and trusted online anger management class program available on the Internet. While we strive to receive as many approvals as possible, our programs have been almost unanimously accepted throughout the nation as reliable, effective, and dependable.