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Anger management classes have often come with the stigma that persons who take them are angry, violent, and mean people. This belief could not be farther from the truth. It has been brought to my attention numerous psychologists and mental health professionals that anger management classes should be taken by everyone. The problem of course, is with the name, Anger Management. Perhaps if it was called "Save your relationship" it might be viewed differently. Quality and professional Anger management classes are designed to teach skills in a variety of areas to help improve relationships as well as increase ones awareness of their own emotional experience. The clear benefit of taking an anger management class is that you will learn something about your self, others, and the the way you relate to others and perhaps how they relate to you.

Participants of anger management classes taken through our organization or our providers can expect to learn skills in stress management, empathy, improving judgment and impulse control, forgiveness, expectation management, taking time outs, improving self-talk, and communicating assertively. Who wouldn't want to improve on these skills. No matter what your profession, education or background, we all can use a little help when it comes to improving on or in the relationships that mean the most to us.

While our organization started as a court approved anger management class provider, we quickly came to realize that there was no difference between those that came in as a result of a court order or who where self-referred. The basic distinction is that a court ordered participant got in trouble legally and a self-referred client hadn't yet! We all make mistakes and getting in trouble for behaving badly does not make one a bad person or a danger to society. Anger is an emotion we all have and it has many purposes. What anger management classes teach is how to express that anger in a way that is appropriate without violating the rights of other or our own values.

Click on this link if you want to take an anger management class from our group, or if finding a class is difficult or you simply can't take time away from work or other life obligations take one of our highly acclaimed online anger management classes. Either format will be a rewarding learning experience.!