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Most people don't know what to expect when starting an anger management class or program. Some treat it like traffic school, where it is something that "must" be done and is a reflection of a punitive or disciplinary action. Others take anger management simply for personal development and growth and are not concerned about the stigma associated with the name. As for as we are concerned, there is nothing wrong with taking an anger management class for any reason!

Anger management is NOT punitive and should be a course viewed as an educational resource aimed at teaching skills to improve interpersonal relationships. Anger management classes teach skills in a variety of areas. Our organization teaches the "8 Tools of Anger Control". These are skills in effective communication and listening; stress management; improving judgment and impulse control; expectation management; taking time outs and cool downs; skills in optimism and improving self-talk; and forgiveness.

Participants of our live programs can expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. Classes are typically taught in a group format with anywhere from 4-10 participants in a class. For those that do not want to take a anger management group class, they can certainly be taught the same skills in a one on one coaching session for anger management. Each class or coaching session is one hour and focuses on one of the eight tools. The classes and coaching are highly structured, using our workbook, "Anger management in the twenty-first century".

For those that can not attend a weekly class or one on one anger management coaching sessions our online anger management classes are an excellent alternative. These online courses provide the same content as our live programs but in a state of the art online classroom. Theses classes can be accessed 24 hours a day from any computer and are completely self-paced. They are well suited for a court ordered requirement or personal growth.